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Lyft Cost estimates

Estimate the cost of taking a Lyft between two points.

Lyft Available drivers nearby

The drivers endpoint returns a list of nearby drivers' lat and lng at a given location.

Lyft Pickup ETAs

The ETA endpoint lets you know how quickly a Lyft driver can come get you

Lyft The user's general info

The v1 of this endpoint returns the user's ID, v2 will return more general info about the user. We require authentication for this endpoint, so we extract the user ID from the access token.

Lyft List rides

Get a list of past & current rides for this passenger.

Lyft Request a Lyft

Request a Lyft come pick you up at the given location.

Lyft Get the ride detail of a given ride ID

Get the status of a ride along with information about the driver, vehicle and price of a given ride ID

Lyft Cancel a ongoing requested ride

Cancel a ongoing ride which was requested earlier by providing the ride id.

Lyft Update the destination of the ride

Add or update the ride's destination. Note that the ride must still be active (not droppedOff or canceled), and that destinations on Lyft Line rides can not be changed.

Lyft Add the passenger's rating, feedback, and tip

Add the passenger's 1 to 5 star rating of the ride, optional written feedback, and optional tip amount in minor units and currency. The ride must already be dropped off, and ratings must be given within 24 hours of drop off. For purposes of displa...

Lyft Get the receipt of the rides.

Get the receipt information of a processed ride by providing the ride id. Receipts will only be available to view once the payment has been processed. In the case of canceled ride, cancellation penalty is included if applicable.

Lyft Types of rides

The ride types endpoint returns information about what kinds of Lyft rides you can request at a given location.

Lyft Preset Prime Time percentage

Preset a Prime Time percentage in the region surrounding the specified location. This Prime Time percentage will be applied when requesting cost, or when requesting a ride in sandbox mode.

Lyft Propagate ride through ride status

Propagate a sandbox-ride through various ride status

Lyft Preset types of rides for sandbox

The sandbox-ridetypes endpoint allows you to preset the ridetypes in the region surrounding the specified latitude and longitude to allow testing different scenarios

Lyft Driver availability for processing ride request

Set driver availability for the provided ride_type in the city/region surrounding the specified location

Uber Price Estimates

The Price Estimates endpoint returns an estimated price range for each product offered at a given location. The price estimate is provided as a formatted string with the full price range and the localized currency symbol.

The response also ...

Uber Time Estimates

The Time Estimates endpoint returns ETAs for all products offered at a given location, with the responses expressed as integers in seconds. We recommend that this endpoint be called every minute to provide the most accurate, up-to-date ETAs.

Uber User Activity

The User Activity endpoint returns data about a user's lifetime activity with Uber. The response will include pickup locations and times, dropoff locations and times, the distance of past requests, and information about which products were request...

Uber User Profile

The User Profile endpoint returns information about the Uber user that has authorized with the application.

Uber Product Types

The Products endpoint returns information about the Uber products offered at a given location. The response includes the display name and other details about each product, and lists the products in the proper display order.

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